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winds. you still need to prepare for damaging winds. here's line of thunderstorms from westminster stretching back around frederick to leesburg and points south down toward culpeper and heavy rain is also a threat. we have a flash flood watch and a wind advisory with winds over 50 miles per hour. everything is pushing generally to the northeast at a pretty good clip. the line is very slowly moving off to the south and east. so again manassas, you're under a severe thunderstorm warning as you are in dale city and back toward haymarket back into rappahannock county as well. these are heavy thunderstorms for this time of year. so we're looking at leesburg over the river toward germantown up 270 slow going right now and again the reds, rainfall rates of an inch or so per hour. look at the flood alerts, we also have flood warnings in effect for loudoun county,
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frederick county, parts of montgomery county and also up into frederick and toward westminster. that means flooding is occurring. do not cross the street with a car or by foot. the watch covers prince george's county, fairfax county and the district north. it does not include southern maryland, doesn't mean you all are not going to get heavy rain and strong winds. in fact, everybody will see strong winds. this is why i'm more concerned about this advisory than the tornado watch because this is going to be widespread winds over 50 miles per hour tonight. we think the window will be between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. we'll keep you posted, again a severe alert, tornado watch until 2:00, wind advisory through the night and a flash flood watch also through the night. >> nasty stuff to the way. that very same system was the source of serious chaos in parts of the south and southwest. deadly storms killed at least one person. a giant funnel cloud caught on camera in a place call ed
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adairsville georgia. the highway was simply shut down in north georgia and the problems remain on metro's green line shut down between the navy yard and southern avenue. the problem? an insulation fire at the anacostia station. workers had to turn off the power and that stranded a couple trains. those trains are still not moving and that's prompted some folks to leave the trains on their own. the crews are still trying to clean the mess made by that terrible crash involving a fire truck and tractor trailer on the beltway today, slowed down traffic most of the entire afternoon. the wreck actually happened before 3 a.m. on the inner loop south of route 50 in prince george's. it left debris all over. a driver of the tractor trailer ran smack into the back of a fire truck that was trying to make a u-turn. medics rushed four volunteer firefighters and three others to the hospital. one firefighter's arm was actually severed, but the
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doctors managed to reattach it. senators were debating gun control on capitol hill today. in attendance, former congress member gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelly. giffords told lawmakers the time is now and you must act. also on the hill nra vice president wayne lapierre. >> my problem with background checks is you're never going to get criminals to go through universal background checks. >> the criminals won't go to purchase the guns because there will be a background check. we'll stop them from the original purchase. you miss that point completely and it's basic. >> senator, i think you missed it. >> let there be order. >> just a taste of the conflict ahead between getting any new legislation passed will be tough with gun rights supporters on both sides of the aisle. let's party a bit down in new orleans. wusa9 anchor andrea roane there is for our glitz and blitz team
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coverage. at super bowl xlvii, hey, andrea. >> reporter: hi there, derek. look where i am, on stage at snug harbor here with the uptown jazz orchestra and its leader delcio marsalis and we'll listen to them play a little, but this is what louisiana is all about, great food, great music and it's all right here at snug harbor. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: i've got to talk to the leader, delcio marsalis and what's it like being here with this group in your hometown knowing that fans all
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over the world are coming to hear this music? >> we love it. we love to have the local folks. we love to have folks from out of town, all over the world. we like to bring the blues and some swing to people and that good old new orleans groove. >> reporter: it's snug because everybody is close. what's it like when your audience is right there on top of you? >> it's great. we have fun no matter what the situation is. this is especially special. sometimes the people are talking noise, talking stuff to us and we're going back and forth and we have a little thing going on. >> reporter: are you doing anything special during super bowl weekend? >> swinging and grooving and that's always special for us. any chance we get is special. >> reporter: absolutely. they're going to have a special treat later this evening because they have two shows, 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., but we have them now, a little bit more and then i'm going to throw it to my colleague, jc hayward. how sweet is your story, jc? >> reporter: i'm sorry. my turn. let me tell you something. you go to my house right now, you're not going to find
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lettuce and tomatoes and poultry and meat, but you open up that freezer and you'll find every flavor of haagen-dazs ice cream, so when i heard about angela pocotta, i said that's the story for me. roll the tape. >> reporter: hello. i'm in midcity, new orleans. new orleans is known for its fabulous food, but the no. 1 restaurant is not a restaurant at all. it's angelo brocado where they sell italian pastry and homemade gelato. >> i've got a lot of goodies. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. they are goodies. i think i'll take one of each. arthur brocado is the third generation to operate this fancy shop. as rich in history as it is in flavor, angelo has become a must shift ice cream parlor for tourists and -- must see ice cream parlor for tourists and
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locals. why do you come here? >> it's the real italian stuff. >> reporter: angelo brocado came to new orleans in 1925 when he was just 12 years old. he brought with him sicilian recipes and the dream of establishing an ice cream parlor with old world tradition. >> we use all fresh ingredients and a lot of times it's not the recipe itself, but it's in the process. everything is handmade, so there's not a lot of machine work involved. , so of course, you put a lot of love in it and that's what makes the product come to the best it can be. >> reporter: we took a tour and watched as workers prepared fig rolls from scratch, pack sesame cookies, squeeze lemons for their famous lemon ice and spiced cake for spumoni. all of a sudden arthur gave me a treat. it's delicious! once arthur treated me to the
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pistacio almond gelato i knew i had to taste it all. angelo brocado, a new orleans tradition that continues to thrive. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: all right. you had three nights free from angelo brocado's. we are doing second line here having a great time. this is what super bowl is all about here in new orleans. marsalis and the uptown jazz orchestra, thank you guys. take it away! ♪[ music ]
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i'm wusa9 meteorologist topper shutt. a severe tornado alert until 2 a.m. denoted there in red. this yellow is severe thunderstorm warnings through culpeper back up to manassas and west of fredericksburg. there's flood warnings also in effect. so do not go and try to cross the street by car or by foot. we'll see pretty heavy rainfall totals. this line hasn't moved much to the south and the east and we have some pretty heavy rains now, rainfall rates over 1 inch an hour right around leesburg down toward warrenton everything pushing slowly off to the east. we'll be back with
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♪[ music ] big chief. ♪[ music ]
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>> reporter: hi, there. we are here at snug harbor on freshman street in new orleans, louisiana, and it's about music and about food all right here a one place and the music we're listening to provided by delcio marsalis and his uptown jazz orchestra. you can't sit down when you listen to music like this.
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and my colleague, jc hayward, has been dancing all night long. >> reporter: honey, i've been dancing all day. i'm going to have to rub some linament tonight, baby. >> reporter: this is what you'll get for super gras. that's what's happening. we have mardi gras and super bowl, a party all the time. we're the glitz and blitz team and what i went in search of besides good food and good music, i went in search of some glitz and i found it today on magazine street at the design studio minion fagee. >> this big wide cuff is the first bracelet that i ever designed. >> reporter: jewelry designer minion fagee tells you what has
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happened, what is happening and what will happen through her iconic pieces. this weekend, of course, is super bowl. her tribute to that is what she calls the superdome, pins, charges, necklaces, elegant but not too souveniry looking as she says. >> and it shows the superdome with the roman numerals under it. i picked these pearls to make a necklace because they were kind of football shaped but not in your face football. >> reporter: a fifth generation new orleansian inspired by the city of her birth, its environment, the wildlife and its music and food. >> i did a necklace called gumbo and it had little pearls that are actually referred to as rice pearls and i put slip, crabs and okra. >> reporter: rourkeers here
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are crafting beautiful designs like -- workers here are crafting beautiful designs like this sterling silver cuff. the hammering, polishing, beating all takes place here. >> so i'm there to supervise it and it doesn't go out if it's not right. >> reporter: not outsourcing was very important to minion and to the future of her city. >> i enjoy being a part of the community and keeping it strong. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: all right. again we're back at snug harbor in new orleans, louisiana, and there's brandon. his mom and dad are watching in northwest d.c. on t street northwest. we're proud of him and he know they're proud of him. kristen berset, i don't know if you're having as much fun as we are, but she has the latest in sports at the superdome.
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>> reporter: all right, andrea, thanks so much. looks like you guys are having fun out there. we're trying to stay warm. on the sports side of things a lot of the talk today was on ray lewis, an article in claims he took a banned substance when he was trying to heal from his tricep. in the article mitch ross who is co-owner of sports with alternatives to steroids claims lewis used deer extract velvet spray that contains ibf1 that is on the list of banned substances but can only be detected through blood test. in 17 years ray lewis has never failed a drug test and at the press conference this morning lewis didn't hide his frustration with the situation. >> i've never ever took what he says or whatever i was supposed to do. just to entertain it, i can't, i won't and i just truly believe he doesn't have the privilege to -- for me to speak about it ever again. you're not angry. you can use a different word. you can use the word agitated because i'm here to win the
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super bowl. i'm not here to entertain somebody that does not affect that one way or another. >> reporter: i'm joined now live by senior nfl writer for usa today jared bell. this ray lewis thing kind of interesting and really no surprise something like this comes up during super bowl when all the media is here, but what's your take on it? >> reporter: it's always something. it's kind of ironic because when you think of ray lewis' legacy there's this shroud of mystery around him and i think a lot of that goes to that murder scene in atlanta a few years ago. it's kind of eerie in that he's going out right now and then there's something else to deal with, but hey, this deer antler extract thing has ever -- >> reporter: have you ever heard of it? >> reporter: not until yesterday. >> reporter: i hadn't either. >> reporter: supposedly it  promotes healing. there's an entire underworld out there with people doing things we don't know that are
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illegal, but the one thing i would like to add is i don't think it's something that he actually tests for. so he hasn't failed a drug test for that per se, but it is on the banned substance list. there are things on that list they just don't test for like hgh. >> reporter: i want to get to the games real quick, the baltimore ravens have given up in their three playoff games almost 400 yards on average, but they're playing a very unique offense with the 49ers. does that kind of set up poorly for them? >> reporter: it's a headache for them because you've got to deal with a quarterback who is mobile, who can run and throw, but the 1 thing about the ravens defense you have to throw out the window now are the statistics. when they started the playoffs, it was the first time ed reed, terrell suggs and ray lewis had been on the field together all season. so they're kind of putting the guys back together to make this run to the super bowl. i think their veteran savvy will be key trying to contain colin kaepernick. >> reporter: a lot of them
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saying this is the healthiest right now the team has been. the players were the stars this morning, but this afternoon it was all about the harbaugh parents enjoying that both their sons jim and john are head coaches in the super bowl, but it was interesting. we were there. it was the largest amount of media i've ever seen aside from media day because that's a little bit of a craziness, but it was like the jack and jackie show. they spent 45 minutes talking to the media telling stories, telling us how proud they are of their kids, but this is not their proudest moment. >> i would honestly have to say that the birth of our own children and then the birth of our grandchildren are the most important to me and this is like frosting on the cake. >> all those millions and millions of people out there that are parents, this is a fantastic experience. really no one has it better
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than us. >> reporter: no one has it better than them, that's for sure. right now we're done here live. jared bell, thanks for coming out today. that will do it for us in
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we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here.
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a quick note, metro's green line back up and running. we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
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the man behind the manti te'o hoax in his own words. >> and what dr. phil is only telling "e.t." about his new ronaiah interview. i'm nancy o'dell. >> i'm rob marciano. >> were you in love with him? >> i mean, yes. >> the bombshell confession. the love story behind the scam. >> i grew feelings. i grew emotions that i sooner or later, i couldn't control anymore. >> i said, are you gay? >> plus -- >> ronaiah said it is him on the telephone. >> did he sound like a woman to you? >> he can sound like a woman. new lindsay lohan racing across the country for a court date today. >> thank you. >> now is she facing more time behind bars? ashley judd's surprise split from her race car driver husband. what "e.t." has just learned

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